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Academic Products

The following are samples of academic work completed across all five semesters while completing my master's degree. Assignments include assessment projects, presentations, reports, and case studies.

Fall 2021

Treatment Project

In this assignment, evidence-based practice was used to create a treatment plan  for a client with flaccid dysarthria.


A protocol created for medical Speech-Language Pathologists to follow for infection control.

Assessment Project

An evaluation report was written based on a medical history and information from a speech evaluation session.

Spring 2022

Research Assignment

This research focuses on the relationship between hydration and SOVT and vocal quality.

VFSS Report

A write-up was completed based on a video fluoroscopic swallow study. This report includes background, findings, impressions and recommendations. 

Bias Test Review

This assignment focuses on potential bias in current standardized tests and how those biases can potentially be addressed.

Summer 2022

Education Law Timeline

This presentation highlights key laws and regulations put in place over the past 60 years to ensure safety, equality, and equity in schools.

Pediatric Dysphagia Presentation

This collaborative presentation aimed to educate peers on the specifics of the Easing Anxiety Together with Understanding and Perseverance (EAT-UP) program.

AAC Pamphlet

This pamphlet provides information regarding the CoughDrop app, which is an AAC program that may be downloaded on modile devices, iPads, and more.

Fall 2022

Treatment Project

In this assignment, a PICO analysis was used to create an evidence-based practice treatment plan for a client experiencing cognitive difficulties.

Assessment/Treatment Project

In this assignment, a client with aphasia is assessed and goals are determined based on the client's background information. Treatment methods and approaches were chosen, as well as carry-over.

Craniofacial Screening Tool

A screening tool for children with craniofacial abnormalities was created based on the information presented throughout the semester.

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