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The following outlines the curriculum followed by New York Medical College's Speech-Language Pathology program. Course descriptions are available for each course below.

Fall 2021

Section I

Foundations of Speech, Language, and Cognition

Diagnostic Methods and Clinical Processes

Diagnostic Lab

Phonetics Boot camp

Section II

Speech Sound Disorders


Seminar in Management of Medical Practices I

Internal Practicum I


Spring 2022

Advanced Anatomy of the Speech and Hearing Mechanisms

Language Disorders of Children

Dysphagia (Lab)

Seminar in Early Intervention

Seminar in Professional Issues and Ethics I

Speech Science

Research Methods in Communication Disorders

Seminal in Early Intervention

Internal Practicum II

Summer 2022

Voice Disorders

School-based Speech-Language-Hearing Services

Seminar in Professional Issues and Ethics II

Augmentative and Alternative Communication 

Seminar in Management of Medical Patients II

Pediatric Dysphagia

External Practicum - Modular for Medical Competencies 


Spring 2023

Fluency Disorders

Audiology for Speech Language Pathologists

Seminar in Professional Issues and Ethics III

Seminar in Counseling

External Practicum

Ped. Dysphagia Specialization Track:

Comprehensive Assessment and Clinical Writing

Online Practicum




Fall 2022

Adult Neurogenic Language Disorders

Adult Neurogenic Cognitive Disorders

Seminar in Management of Medical Patients II

External Practicum - School

Ped. Dysphagia Specialization Track:

Acquisition/Development of Feeding/Swallowing in Children - Audit

Feeding/Swallowing Disorders in Pediatric Population

Stack of Books

Summer 2023

Ped. Dysphagia Specialization Track:

Treatment Approaches in Pediatric Feeding Disorders

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